​1hr ... $400

2hrs ... $800

​3hrs ... $1500


1.5hrs ... $750

2hrs ... $1000

​3hrs ... $1500

*Note that my rates may vary depending on the city as well as activities.

The Mistress Experience.

Fall prey to the art of seduction, as I take you into My grasp. You will be left with an indelible impression that your will is no longer your own.

Dinner & Domination (4hrs) ... $2,000  ~Recommended~

Overnight (8hrs)              ... $4,000

The Sensual Experience.

If you wish to be rendered helpless and of only one use to Me - My pleasure; your agony will be exquisite. 

Sensual play (2hrs) ... $2,000-20,000

Be Mine.

If you believe you have the dedication to serve Me as my long-term submissive, we will start with a simple dinner date to become better acquainted. If the chemistry is right, we will begin the journey of molding you into My devoted sub.

Dinner Date ... $1,000

Long Distance

For an additional $1000, you can fly me to you anywhere in North America; $2000 for EU and Scandinavia. You may request any of The Mistress Experience engagements. 

Distance Training

For potential slaves who live beyond My physical reach, weekly online training can be arranged and includes face-to-face live video training over Skype and various assignments via email and text.

The Fine Print

I request a non-refundable deposit of 50% to be made at the time of booking. If an urgent need to reschedule arises, you must reschedule at least 48 hrs in advance in order to transfer your deposit to your new appointment. The new appointment must be within one month of your current one. Should you need to cancel your appointment please email Me as soon as possible, otherwise, you will be forfeiting your deposit.