Currently offering one on one BDSM coaching and kink guidance.

What to expect:

One on one coaching is driven by self discovery with some assignments. My focus has been on kink, but the work we will do encompasses and is applicable to all emotional and sexual relationships, especially the one you have with yourself.

Currently available:

Online and in person coaching sessions are NOW available.


Signature courses are being developed and will be available for both D and s in 2022.

How to start:

Look at your schedule for preferred days and times. This is so we can schedule a 15-30min preliminary consultation to get an idea of what you want to work on, whether I can be of assistance, and agree on a rate for future sessions which. These sessions will be scheduled one at a time and be self contained conversations (NOT progressive learning or training).

If you are signing up for a signature course (progressive learning or training) the full course payment will be due after the consultation, before the course work begins.

All are welcome:

Dominant or submissive, top or bottom, fetishist or budding all around kink enthusiast.

email for availability and rates